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Designed for serious PC users who frequently work with multiple virtual disks, Paragon Virtualization Manager Professional is a comprehensive software program that can migrate a Windows-based system to a virtual environment, and vice versa.
Simple and advanced interface
As complicated as it may sound like, the tool is actually decently user-friendly. It comprises a well-structured interface with hints and descriptions shown for each component, offering to conduct tasks in easy-to-follow wizards. However, users can switch to the advanced interface mode to unwrap all options.
It is possible to examine disk details such as the file system, volume and partition size, used and free space, along with the label of each drive, including those which are inactive or hidden.
System migration and other drive operations
Apart from migrating one virtual environment to another, it is possible to transfer data between the physical and virtual environment. However, Paragon Virtualization Manager Professional's functionality does not extend here.
Users can format, delete, move, resize or hide selected partitions, change their drive letters, set them as active or logical, modify the cluster size, serial number, partition ID and SID, downgrade the NTFS version, run a surface test, check the file system integrity, as well as view the hexadecimal code of drives and edit their sectors.
Re-evaluate and manage the pending queue before applying changes
An important factor worth taking into account is that actions are not immediately put into motion, but added to a pending queue instead. Therefore, users can review all actions before committing them, and undo anything if they change their mind. This is also useful for carrying out multiple tasks that take a long while to complete, since the workstation can be left unattended.
Overall, a powerful and rich virtualization manager
The tool did not hang, crash or pop up error messages in our tests. It uses a significant amount of memory during a job, but this is normal when taking into account its complexity. In a nutshell, Paragon Virtualization Manager Professional is filled with handy features for migrating a physical environment to a virtual one and the other way around, but also for other drive operations.


Download ★★★★★

Download ★★★★★






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Paragon Virtualization Manager Professional Full Crack is a Windows-based software that is specially designed for advanced users who frequently work with multiple virtual disks.
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Paragon Virtualization Manager Professional 5.06

This intuitive interface allows users to manage their Windows-based virtual environments. They can migrate their whole system to a new virtual environment, create and customize new virtual machines, rename and edit the bootable configuration, as well as create, delete and move disks.
It includes all the basic functions required to manage and use virtual machines, but the included features are abundant. You can migrate virtual drives to virtual environment files, image copies, or shared folders. In addition to that, it is possible to add or remove virtual machine’s hard disks and virtual storage pools, modify the boot settings and select specific hardware. The tool is fully compatible with bootable OSes, including Windows, Linux, and Windows PE.
Paragon Virtualization Manager Professional reviews:
Paragon Virtualization Manager Professional was recommended for its easy-to-use interface and prominent features. The tool is ideal for quickly migrating or transferring a virtual environment to another one. It has a rich set of components and it is intuitive and user-friendly. However, it is likely to make its users familiar with all the technical details of the software.
Paragon Virtualization Manager Professional Key Features:
► It comprises an intuitive interface with a simple-to-follow wizard.
► It is possible to migrate a whole system, as well as individual drives.
► It is possible to select a virtual drive’s file system, file system ID, a partition or the volume to migrate to a virtual environment.
► Users can add or remove hard disks, change the drive letter, volume size, cluster size, serial number, number of physical hard disks, and SID.
► It is possible to rename, expand, convert or convert to SMB shares.
► Users can add or remove virtual storage pools.
► It is possible to set up the advanced mode to quickly inspect the disk contents.
Paragon Virtualization Manager Professional Pricing:
Paragon Virtualization Manager Professional is a fully-featured software program that you should consider buying if you need to manage your virtual drives. It is compatible with both Windows XP as well as Windows 7/8, and has a working time of about 1 hour. The license key should cost you $59.95. You can also download it from Softasm for $29.95.

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What’s New in the?

Paragon Virtualization Manager Professional is a management tool designed for Microsoft Windows that allows migration of a physical machine to a virtual environment, vice versa, and provides numerous other useful features. With it, users can create and delete virtual disks, view them, display the disk in partition information, configure NTFS volumes and modify partitions, change the drive letter of volumes, suspend a virtual machine and manage a queue of pending operations, among other features.
Operation on both physical and virtual environments
When you install Paragon Virtualization Manager Professional on a Windows-based operating system that is compatible with VHD format, its interface is very similar to that of the original Windows Control Panel.

The program also supports many other virtualization platforms, such as VMware, Virtual PC, Virtual Server, VirtualBox, Parallels and Hyper-V. The supported data formats are VHD, VMDK, VHDX, VEMD and, for VMware-based systems, VMware Disc Image (.VDI). Users can also create the conversion discs using a USB drive. It is also possible to convert the virtual environment back to a real one when it is no longer required.
Run as a single package or separately
All of the operations discussed above can be done in a stand-alone mode and in the “Utilities” format. However, there is a more sophisticated user interface, called the “Manager” format, that encompasses all of the previous ones. The main window consists of a row of tabs that are designed for displaying each of the installed components.
Virtual disks
Paragon Virtualization Manager Professional supports many types of virtual machines. Its “Virtual Disks” tool allows users to create and manage their own VHDs or VMs. As a result, they can configure the system in a variety of ways. It is also possible to export the configuration to an image file to use it later, as well as import it from different formats.
Virtual machine management
It is possible to manage several virtual machines at once from the tool. Users can format and delete them, as well as set their parameters, suspend or shutdown them, and even move them to a different virtual environment.
Virtual disk file management
A virtual disk file is just like any other Windows system disc. It has a virtual partition table, and the system can’t recognize any of the files and folders that are not located on the partition. It is possible to take snapshots and convert the image, to run a surface test, and to examine the file system.

System Requirements For Paragon Virtualization Manager Professional:

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