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this keyword for field in bean

What’s the difference between these two:

public class Person{
private String name;
public String getName(){ return name;}
public void setName(String name){ this.name = name; }


public class Person{
private String name;
public String getName() {
return name;
public void setName(String name) {
this.name = name;


In the second case, this.name = name; is called a setter, it’s returning the value of name (which is the current value of name)
In the first case, it’s called a constructor, if you change the value of name it will return this, so it’s not like your second example

Setting aside a small handful of shows that defy categorization, you’ll find that most of our favorite horror movies can be broken into two groups: Pre–Sundance and Post-Sundance.

Obviously, it’s far too easy to be snobbish and declare that every early-Career American director creates the same type of work over and over, but the truth is that some filmmakers, whether we agree with their original vision or not, have the nerve to release their work into the world without a director’s cut. Many of them, as in this case, are based in Europe. In addition to scares that might easily be deemed over-the-top or overacted, American audiences are surprised to learn that


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Three dimensional world. You can freely move throughout the world, but must slowly descend in order to fight enemies and solve the mysteries of the Lands Between.
  • A colorful world. The colliders in the fields and rooms become mirrors, and you can see yourself and enemies reflected in the colliders.
  • Amazing enemies and a variety of dungeons for you to explore.
  • Weapons, armor, and characters that can be easily customized.
  • A rich storyline. Every character has their own thoughts, fears, and motives.
  • An online play element that allows you to feel the presence of others.
  • Elden Ring Note:



  • The volume of the English language in the Elden Ring is problematic. We will do our utmost to provide a high quality game while also offering an enjoyable experience to our Western players.
  • Elden Ring uses Japanese voice-overs, while the English text on the main screen is currently in a game.1
  • This product is a physical product and you can only use this product in an environment where the equipment can be used. Please note that while physically selling the game does not mean the product will be legal. To purchase this product, please make sure the environment in which you access the product is legal. Thank you

  • Note: This game is currently running in Japan, allowing you to view / participate in the normal online mode. To enjoy Elden Ring Online mode that is currently running in Japan, you should go to your regional console website.

  • If you have any questions regarding setting up the game environment, the region, or the use of this product please contact eldenring@eldenring.jp. Please email us at EldenRing Official Support or eldenringonline@eldenring.jp

  • Objectionable


    Elden Ring License Key Full PC/Windows [April-2022]

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    “The game is kind of like the party game Dragon Age Inquisition, with you playing a whole host of different characters, and trying to reach a point or objective and beat your enemies at the same time, with some puzzle solving and RPG elements thrown in.”

    “It’s an action RPG that can be played in very short bursts or longer sessions, depending on how you choose to approach it. It has interesting puzzles and many interesting decisions to make. But a little bit of curiosity or patience can go a long way toward maximizing your enjoyment of it.”

    “It’s an RPG, a JRPG, and a party game. It’s an Action RPG, and a Role Playing Game. It has all the elements you expect from a game like this. Good story, top-notch presentation, and crazy good gameplay.”

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    “Everyone should try Elden Ring. If you’re into RPGs at all, and know nothing about them, it’s a great introduction into the genre.”

    “Elden Ring is a great RPG for newcomers and veterans of JRPGs alike. What it is is a form of JRPG, but one with a twist. It’s action. It’s party play. It’s exploration. It’s role playing and it’s an action role playing game. Yes, it’s


    Elden Ring Registration Code Download

    If you have any questions regarding the ELDEN RING game download, or require some sort of technical help, please do not hesitate to contact us through Support Form

    Thank you for purchasing our product. If you have any issues with this product or have any questions regarding this product, please do not hesitate to contact us through Support Form


    Is sql injection possible using parameterized queries?

    I’m using Dapper to get data.
    The question is
    Is it possible for me to use Parameterized queries in this way?
    string query = @”select * from Employees where EmployeeID= @P1″;


    Yes, you can use parameterized queries in Dapper.
    You can read more about it here:
    EDIT: Just in case you are using the latest version of Dapper.
    In this version, the parameter is separated from the string that will be used to generate the SQL statement and is injected as a part of the statement.
    Like this:
    public static int ExecuteScalar(this IDbConnection dbConnection, string sqlStatement, T args)
    var parameters = args.GetType().GetProperties()
    .Select(a => $”{dbConnection.CreateParameter(“{a.Name}”, a.PropertyType)}”)
    .Where(arg => arg!= null)
    return dbConnection.ExecuteScalar(sqlStatement, parameters, CommandType.Text, null, null, null, DbType.AnsiString);

    In this example, parameter m_Id is named in the SQL statement, while the others will be named according to the Dapper library.


    Yes, just use @”SELECT * FROM Employees WHERE EmployeeID= @P1″ as your SQL string.
    Although some people don’t like it (I am one of them), it does make you write less code.
    Here is a somewhat useful list of SQL injection ready strings:
    How to escape SQL code in C#?

    This invention relates to a hydraulic valve drive which controls the flow of operating fluid to various valve devices such as control valves.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    The world of “Tarnished, the Elden Ring” is split into regions made up of various locations. Each region is a different world. The regions are interconnected via travel points. Some regions are travel points that can be used as starting points, while others host life stages, like towns and cities. The game takes place from day to day. Several days will pass in each region.
    Each region has a progressive order of some sort and supports PvP combat (Player versus Player).

    While the game is set in the Lands Between, some locations in the game are similar to locations in the major fantasy worlds, such as Azuria and Ellegara.

    Here is a list of game locations:

    1. Brightstone
    2. Fascadach
    3. Sathya
    4. Delkheim
    5. Naji
    6. Comaron
    7. Michrs
    8. Fungus Isles
    9. The Isle of Insanity
    10. Weberlin
    11. Misthaya
    12. Ulo’lin
    13. Thorimar
    14. Thorimar
    15. Porth
    16. Misericord
    17. Middlegard
    18. The Heights
    19. East Gard
    20. Bastrow
    21. The North
    22. Orynfion
    23. Toralei
    24. Dinos
    25. The Toralei
    26. Dinos


    Sql – detecting whether two tables share a relation or not

    Consider two tables say a and b. The common columns in a and b are C,D and E. When I say, I want to query all records in table a where table b doesn’t have a record.
    How can this be done in sql? I tried this query:
    SELECT *

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    Qt: Digg it, post it, or rate it

    I am working on a new Todo application for school and I am looking for ideas on how to share what I’m working on with the community.
    My immediate concern is that I’m stuck on what to call the application. It is a todo list and I’m looking for a name that reflects this. I’ve already tried Search, Task, TODO and list, but none of them seem right. I’ve also tried to find a book or something about the subject, but I can’t seem to find anything that really speaks to what I’m doing.
    Thanks in advance for any ideas,


    What about Tasks?
    However, I doubt there’s a best practice book on that.

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    The 19-year-old Vashkivh, who was part of the eight boat in Varese, Italy, on Aug. 3, told the Canadian Broadcast Company (CBC) that he was beaten with a rake and had his finger cut off by his captors. He said that they told him that he wouldn’t be able to leave because he was “pregnant.”

    The suspect, Dubinin, is still currently awaiting extradition to the U.S.

    The suspect, Dubinin, is still currently awaiting extradition to the U.S.

    The Vashkivh family has alleged the Chechen government is behind the ordeal. The family stated that their son’s cellphone and other belongings were taken by his captors.

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    “We have to do something about it. We have to do something about this because it’s all gone too far.”

    His trial in the U.S


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Appli Manager
  • Unity Audio
  • Audio mixer
  • Audio Volume
  • Music
  • SoundEmitter
  • System Information
  • :

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