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The format of downloaded files is always unknown. Most likely it is the saved/saved version of your Python build which is created in a different folder.
Search for Python build folders.
In Python Idle (screenshot) try to find save location, there you can always find your build or save it to same place and your scripts can be modified to your taste.


The format of downloaded files is always unknown.
The most likely reason is the conflict with another package or a somehow broken setup you used. See my the comments for more details.
Please also consider using a better source for installation packages. I use the automatic installation of packages provided by VirtualBox.

André Carlé

André Carlé (born 20 July 1945) is a French pianist.

Carlé was born in 1945 in Villefranche-sur-Saône, Burgundy. He started playing the piano at the age of six. At the age of 12, he was accepted to the Paris Conservatoire where he won a first prize in piano in 1965. At the Conservatoire, he regularly played the piano in the chamber music evenings of Charles Mottet and the clarinet in the chamber music evenings of Marcel Mihalovici.

He graduated with a first-class degree in piano at the Conservatoire, where he met Serge Chouchan, who became his first principal teacher and who kept him as his assistant for the next 5 years.

From 1970 to 1972 he played the piano in the cinema and at the theatre. It was in this period that he made his first recordings for the Société Nationale de l’Orchestre des Choeurs (SNOC). These recordings are today a reference in the piano repertoire, and were a great source of encouragement for his career. His first composition in music for orchestra, L’entrée dans le monde, premiered at the Festival de Radio France in 1972.

After graduating from the Conservatoire in 1972, he began an association with the radio and television. He also worked in the musical direction and piano accompaniment of numerous radio and television programs, including music by Mozart, Mendelssohn, Beethoven, Schubert, Strauss, Liszt and Ravel.

In 1973 he won the prize of the Association musicale du centre-nord and in 1973,


The Tiny Core Linux image should be able to contain an AppImage file, which is similar to a.EXE file for Windows. Instead of storing your software in an image file, you would copy the compressed file to your boot drive (cd, usb) and then boot Tiny Core Linux from the drive.
I found this post when searching the same problem: TinyCore Linux Can’t Launch AppImage
In a nutshell, the solution is to use the patch in this post: Can’t Launch AppImage, but it is a pain to do manually.
In my opinion, the easiest solution would be to purchase the “Distribute AppImage with Tiny Core Linux” app, which you can find here: TinyCore Linux AppImage Creation

Woody Island

Woody Island is a island located between Lands End and Cutler in Windermere Lake, Ohio.


In 1912, a submerged rock in the bay separated the island from the mainland. Over the years, sand gradually accumulated until a small berm had formed. In 1972, friends broke through the sand with a pick and a shovel and started building a restaurant on the island. In 1992, a storm washed away more sand, and construction of the restaurant was finished.


Category:Islands of Huron County, Ohio
Category:Landforms of Ohio
Category:Uninhabited islands of the United States
Category:Islands of Lake Erie
Category:Islands of Ohio:

Find an Almond.

One almond will give you 80mg of Glutamine and 10mg of L-Leucine.

You can omit the almond and add more dextrose if desired, but most people will get enough nutrition from this one almond.

We drink a 16 oz glass of Dextrose once a day, taking it mid-morning in addition to our breakfast. The sweetened almond is about the size of a quarter.

Your dose of whey protein is 1 ounce per serving, so for six servings you would take 36 ounces.

This image from Men’s Health magazine shows what I look like when I exercise:

According to our experiment, 36 oz. of whey protein is 24 oz. when you eat 24 oz. of whey protein plus the almond.

The total protein being consumed is then 36 oz. plus 0.5 oz. or 5 grams of the protein being consumed

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