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Start your own online game: create a universe of fun and imagination with endless possibilities. Play alone or team up with friends in 3D and real time. If you love Minecraft and Nintendo games or maybe you simply like to build and create new things, Roblox is the platform for you. Create immersive experiences, 3D games and interactive adventures on Roblox, where players can play in real time with friends, educators, or people from all over the world!

And this is where it should lead;

I get the idea of limiting the number of shares to 100 but also I don’t know why this is needed it would be better to allow the “Leaderboard” to show the players who has the most shares and not the most amount of them.


Why not to show the number of shares in the leaderboard?
When I share something on my friends’ news feeds, I almost always type ‘+share’ in the comment, or hover over the share button to get the share option. There are many reasons this could lead to me getting a higher score than someone who doesn’t.

I may have a faster keyboard, so I may click the button faster.
I may be on an older computer, so I may be faster on my mouse.

By not having the total number of shares displayed, you are not giving me any information I may have the ability to use to gain a higher score.

It is less likely that I will click the button at all if it doesn’t display a number.
It is less likely that I will hover over the button, and scroll through the leaderboard, if I don’t know there is a leaderboard to scroll through.

If the number of shares can’t be shown on the leaderboard, then it should be displayed somewhere else. Like for example, a bar that says ‘+24 shares’.


First I got annoyed by the count. And then you said: “It shows the amount of shares; not the amount of the top users.”
The amount of shares is shown (with the exception of the first 10 shares, according to the schema) on the hover panel, when you hover over the number.
It’s not the most efficient way to achieve this, but I agree that it doesn’t make much sense. I think a better way would be to make it easier to get into the count and get there faster.

Leather Twins w/Pink Lip


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In-game Tips
Enjoy playing Roblox? Don’t want your entire account to spend money every time you enter a new game? You can actually create your own account. See what we do to create our own account.
Dude, Don’t Take That
In a video game, you’re probably going to use an in-game weapon to defeat the monsters in your way. It seems normal to most people in the real world that you’re going to go in your drawer and grab your (in-) taser or your fists. In-game, you may do that. However, it’s actually a possible thing to do that you don’t have the right equipment for. You may end up getting shot by the monsters if you do that. So think before you do. That’s what one person learned.
Float Like a Bird
If you’re a noob, maybe you’re not used to using the arrow keys and stuff. It’s going to take a while to get used to this, but you will get used to it fast because it’s not natural for us. Well, if you’re stuck, just do as follows:

Hold the left ALT key and press W.

Press the up Arrow key until you’re in a large building

If there are any action bars, move your mouse on the right side so the arrow is pointing upwards and left arrow is pointing down.

If there’s any in-game magazine, move your mouse on the left side so it’s pointing downwards and right arrow is pointing right.

You can float like a bird. You can do this when you’re going to go to a particular place. Just press the up and down keys when you’re not there.
There’s No Secret Login To An Account
If you’re playing Roblox, and you already got an account, it’s not going to be hard to get in-game stuff. For an example, click on the login button when you’re logged in. Click the sign up or login button to make your account, and get yourself some robux. You can even get a free fake account.
Cutting Floors
Cutting floors are something that works in dungeons in most games. So if you’re in a certain place, you need to


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There are many ways that you can find free robux but what I’m trying to find is a way to get robux without having to create an account or tie it to your personal information.
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Are there any free robux generators without any hidden ties to your account?


There are different type of free robux generators. They are either automated robux generators or manual robux generators.

Free robux generators (automated)

You can find a lot of free robux generating websites but the problem is that they have ties with your account.
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