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Roblox (pronounced “ro-BLOX”) is a platform game where users create their own virtual worlds, which can be played using either a web browser or a desktop or mobile app. Players use Robux to purchase in-game props or services with real currency, which can then be used to purchase or improve virtual property. Roblox has been described as having elements of Minecraft, SimCity, and The Sims.

Roblox first came to a wider public notice through the YouTube videos of a similar game called Cube World that had emerged around the same time. Roblox’s creator, Rob Jackson, built the platform’s more functional version. Roblox’s developer, Roblox, Inc., faced some early challenges, including declining revenue and piracy. Roblox’s community grew in 2011, when David Baszucki and Erik Cassel founded games publisher Schell Games. Baszucki had already founded several other game companies, and Schell Games released platform games such as Epic Word League, Board Game Arena, and Loadout.

Roblox was profitable early on, and by 2014, Roblox, Inc. was able to pay for large servers. Roblox’s growth in 2014 was paused by the increased availability of alternate platforms for gaming such as the iPhone and iPad. Roblox released its first mobile game in 2016 and its first console games in 2017. Roblox grew to nearly half a billion dollars in annual revenue in 2019. Roblox began offering subscription services in 2019, which were later renamed to “Launch” to reduce confusion with the education-focused subscription service (the “Launch” service was launched as a premium subscription service to combat rampant subscription-related piracy). Roblox has also faced criticism in regards to its moderation.
Roblox Overview: Roblox is an online game platform, where users create their own games by programming on a website. Roblox allows users to code using the programming language Lua. The game consists of two components: an editor and a runtime.
The Roblox Editor allows players to create and play games. Players start out by creating a sandbox, which is a virtual space with many items and game objects. The sandbox is built around an empty space called the ground, which is where all game objects will be placed. In the editor, players must code their games using the Lua programming language.
The Roblox game-launching runtime is a server that can run only games developed with the Rob


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To read Roblox comments and write your own comment/request. You need to log in.
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People have done many cool and creative things in Roblox. This is a collection of cool Roblox-videos. The internet is a great place to find cool things for people to do in Roblox.

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