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Tumble Puddles is an English-language softcore pornographic game developed by LovelyGames and released in 2013. It is part of the PPSSPP Special Purposes SoftCore And Pure Pwnage Pack for PlayStation Portable, and it is the last game developed by LovelyGames before the company changed to LovelyGame Soft, which now owns and operates Tumble Puddles. It was later released on iTunes and Microsoft Store for Windows 10.
Tumble Puddles Screenshots:

This is a list of games which contain on-screen glitches or other glitches in the game. Games are listed in alphabetical order.

Nintendo fans have been highly anticipating Pikmin 3 since it was first announced, but Nintendo has found themselves in quite a pickle. Despite all the hand-wringing, can the makers of the classic brawler get the controls right or will there be a load of flippers? The game is due to be released on May 24th and will come as a download on the Wii U’s eShop.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most successful and acclaimed games of all time. Developed by Rockstar North, this big, beautiful game is actually an episodic game — or series of games, if you’re counting installments 1, 2, and Episodes from Liberty City — one each year since Grand Theft Auto IV was released in 2008. So the next Grand Theft Auto game is looking to be a hell of a game!

You remember the original Dead Space, right? Despite being one of the best horror games of all time, that whole time travel thing scared the crap out of us at the time, so we never even got to play the first game’s sequel. Thankfully, the holiday short cut-measure of Mass Effect: Andromeda will, in theory, give us another shot at Isaac Clarke’s (aka Necromorphs) life.

Call of Duty is one of the most popular games out there, despite being more than a little bloated. Thankfully, it won’t actually be getting a new installment until 2019, and it’s going to be bigger than ever before. Unfortunately, Infinity Ward has already acknowledged that the game will exceed the 50-hour mark, but will still hit the bottom line of the preceding game, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, somehow.

Street Fighter 5, much like its predecessor, made the rounds at this year’s Game Awards and won almost every nomination. It’s even got its own official movie.


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Roblox is the ultimate game-creation, player-versus-player platform that gives you the power to build adventures, games, and experiences that you can share and play with friends.
Whether you’re making RPG adventures or MMO multiplayer games, everything in Roblox is user-generated.
What’s more, the Games themselves are generated on the Roblox cloud so the gameplay, story, items, and world are all in sync. Create and play together.
ROBLOX is a collaboration-powered, game-creating platform where users can join forces, invent the wildest games, and share them on ROBLOX.COM.


User Ratings & Reviews

Play Roblox and create your own games or build cool stuff using the in-game Studio. Once you’re done, share your creative work by uploading it to where the community can play and enjoy your creations. The Roblox community has been growing tremendously in the past couple of years, with millions of active users creating games, playing games and sharing their creations. ROBLOX is a game-centric social platform with your users where everything is 100% free, meaning you can play and create your own games, applications and worlds, or just explore ROBLOX.

Download Roblox and create your own games or build cool stuff using the in-game Studio. Once you’re done, share your creative work by uploading it to where the community can play and enjoy your creations. The Roblox community has been growing tremendously in the past couple of years, with millions of active users creating games, playing games and sharing their creations.

HOW TO PLAY ROBLOX:• Set your avatar in the center of the screen and then drag the line to your side of the room to tag your friends and collaborate with them• Click on the items around you to explore things that are part of the ROBLOX world: weapons, users, etc.• Free roam the environment and fill the world with objects• Use the AR Tool (Augmented Reality) to highlight all the spots you want your friends to know• Message your friends or other users by using the ROBLOX messaging system• Meet your friends online and create your very own games together• Don’t miss any of the in-game action and track your playtime stats on user


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The game is heavily based on the Theme Hospital (4th Floor) game and has many features. You can play the game for free by downloading this APK in your Android device.

You play the role of a new Doctor who has arrived in the town of Happyville and has been hired to be the manager of a new hospital. The town is in crisis, and the citizens have put all of their hope in the newest young Doctor that they hired. Unfortunately, you were brought to Happyville as the last resort and you have many challenges to face. Use all the tools that you can to keep your staff happy and keep the hospital running smoothly. Improving the hospital depends a lot on the results of your surgeries, so you have to become an expert in surgery to help your patients get better. At the start of every day, you must choose a patient to assist. The patient selection screen is a good example of how unique the game is. The patient selection screen will play fun and varied sound effects and animation. You can play the sounds from the patients’ mouths and see how their faces react.

Every day you will have to give each of your patients their daily checkups to prevent them from getting sick again. You have the ability to edit your patients’ data in the morning by going to the room’s roster screen. You must make sure that your patients’ needs are met so that they are able to heal. You must also assist your patients by giving them tools or items that will help them with their problems. You can give your patients items by going to the inventory screen. You can select items from the inventory and give them to your patients. This is a very useful feature as you can help your patients recover.

Like in Theme Hospital, you can perform surgery to heal your patients. There are many surgeries that you can perform on each of your patients. You can perform both minor and major surgeries. You will need to perform several procedures, such as amputations and bone marrow transplants to save a life. You must improve your abilities to improve your hospital’s ratings, and your game progresses as the population ages. And remember that the more your patients age, the more powerful they will become.

All that you need to start playing is a free account and a supported device. Download the game and then open the game’s.apk file and it will install the game for you


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