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Play (instant), learn (recommended), create.
Create your own games, build your dream worlds,
unlock your creativity, and have fun!
■Top Sellers:
Play Free online games like Toy Story 4, Jurassic World, The Incredibles, and so much more!
■What’s New:
Roblox is LIVE on Twitch!
Now you can show off your favorite gameplay clips, on the platform where millions of players play every day.
Complete Loot Collector’s Suits – Get a new jacket, pants, hat, and boots!
Rollercoaster Speed Buggy – Practice your driving skills in a brand new vehicle.
Your friends will know you’re ready to race.
Roblox is made with ❤️ in mind.
We love creating things with our community and know you do too. With Halloween on the way, now is the perfect time to check out our spooky speed buggy, mischievous Incredibles characters, and more.
What’s New in Version 9.0.11

Hello, world! Welcome to Roblox!
To celebrate the launch of the Incredibles 2, we’re excited to bring you a limited-time speed buggy, themed in the Incredibles’ world and ready to race.
Complete Loot Collector’s Suits—Get a new jacket, pants, hat, and boots!
Create and play free games—What’s new in Roblox is now live. Share your playtime, get free game credits, and earn exclusive rewards, even when you’re offline.
New Read-Only mode: Join a story chapter or play unconnected for a few days. Read all story chapters to earn achievements.
More security: Incidents with downloadable user data have been significantly reduced.
Look for updates and sneak peeks in your notifications!
Please note that you can only play this title on the platform that it was originally published on.
How to download:
Device: iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
Internet Connection Required
Google Play
Roblox is a registered trademark of Roblox Corporation. All rights reserved.
Roblox, Incredibles, and related logos are trademarks of Roblox Corporation.

For licensing inquiries,


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Fight with Animus robot in train

You need a legit Roblox account to get free robux. Go to to create one.

Click the Roblox logo in the menu bar.

Go to the settings tab on the top of the page.

Click “Robux” option on the top right corner of the page.

Click the “Robux” drop down menu.

Click the “Play” tab in the blue menu that shows up.

Click the “Play” tab on the top right corner of the screen.

Click “Play Games” button.

Click on the Roblox logo.

Click on the “Robux” tab.

Click the “Earn Robux” button in the yellow menu.

Now click on the right rail (otherwise known as main menu).

Click on the Create a Team button.

Click on the “Create a Team” button.

You can now click on the “Create a Team” button.

You can now go to the history tab.

Go to Train.

Click on the train in the history tab.

Click the “Robots” button.

Click on the “Interact” tab on the bottom of the screen.

Click on the “View robotic list” button.

Now click on the “Plunge” button.

You will now have a battle against the robot on the train.

Use the “Robot” button to perform other actions as well.

Use the “Switch robot” button and other buttons.

Now right-click on the robot to flip it over.

Use the hand at the bottom to push the other robot out of the way.

Now interact with the robot to open the door.

Join the car.

The control panel will be available now.

Now go to the train.

Click on the “Interact” tab on the bottom of the screen.

Click on the “Drive” button on the right rail.

Go to


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– By repeatedly pressing a limited number of buttons on a robot that sits on a website.
– By re-mapping games to generate robux.

There’s no particular reason these sites are “free”. It just happened that the developer of the Roblox API (jarsun) decided to make these guys the official licensees (and partners) of Roblox. In turn the Crypters (and by extension the other sites) are in turn paying money for the right to use the API to generate robux for you.
It is well known to all of us in the community, that if you login to a Crypter you risk of being banned or of having an account frozen if you use the same computer to register on Roblox.
The overwhelming majority of Crypters are scams. Please do not use Crypters and instead earn your robux legitimately from their legitimate counterparts.


However, there is a website that can generate robux without having to go through any hacks or download any software. This website is Roblox, and it is completely free!


First, the robux that we all use is free. Even when you make your own through hacks. The roblox player API also has an option to get robux through it and you’ll be provided your own funds and can spend your own cash on whatever you want.
Generally, this can be summed up as “deposits are free”, “you can withdraw to your own account”, and “withdrawals are free”. You can put your own money into accounts through the website and robux will be auto-deposited into your own account, which you can then spend however you see fit.
In regards to websites that are free of charge, again, roblox is the website that will allow you to try this out. You can create an account (even if you already have one) and “deposit” robux. After that, you can withdraw back into your account and


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System Requirements:

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