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PO Box 851, Chaska, MN 55304, (800) 449-2274, or call the location nearest you. – Information on how to order your Temple folder is on page four of the 1982 Instructions. Ordinary fee for any of the four folders is $9.00.
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The officer wrestled the gun from the suspect and took him into custody.

A second officer then came to the aid of the first officer and another suspect then kicked the officer in the leg.

The suspect was arrested, however no injuries have been reported as a result of the assault.


KOMO reports that the video was obtained by a biker who said that he was at the scene of the incident.


Pine Creek Apartments offers the following

Property Amenities

Hair Dryer

Remote Control Television




Emergency Maintenance

Outdoor Parking


Laundry Room

Outdoor Pool

(Gas) Pool Heater

Free Wi-Fi

Free Parking

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Battle for Scarlet City is the next brand-new DLC expansion for Dota 2. The DLC will be released free-of-charge for all Dota 2 accounts on February 12.

Dota 2 has been nominated for several awards this year, with a deserved win for the “Most Anticipated Game” award at the 2016 Game Awards.

Now you can join in the fun with Battle for Scarlet City, a new mission-based set of items that will turn your games into real war!

All the action is available to all Dota 2 players, with no pre-requisites. Join us on February 12, and enjoy a whole new spectrum of professional Dota 2 gameplay. Opinions of the United
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