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supersoft prophet 2015 crack 34
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Happy International Women’s Day!

Looking through an issue of Virginia magazine, I came across this story written in 1987, about how women in Mexico learn to craft their own “maternities” to support themselves, their families, and even their children. Here’s an excerpt:

There’s something about the video that’s almost terrifying. The woman, maybe in her late 30s, is stooped over, and she’s standing in the middle of her small straw-roofed house, dressed in black, surrounded by a bunch of children, all of whom are no older than five. She’s the only adult in the group. She’s going to knit a cloak for her son.

She is muttering as she knits, a string of numbers no longer than a straight picket fence, I’m sure, but more like a series of ugly zigzags and dots that seem to be a set of instructions to the machine, to her brain. The “knit, purl, knit, purl” goes on and on, and when she manages to finish that section, she’s immediately back to her pattern, counting, counting, counting. There’s a sense of time, perhaps of eternity, it seems to me, an endurance, an immobility of the sort that the Iraqi women here have, alone on the top of their high mountains, or in the tumbled-down little mud-brick huts their husbands have built for them. There’s nothing to do, nothing to live for, and yet they still feel it’s something to be endured, because that’s what they’re taught and that’s the way it is, and the only thing, really, is to use that time well, to conserve it.

I have a lot of respect for this woman. I don’t mean her “m

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