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Unfortunately the file is not all there (keygen is in a separate zip file), so I’ve deleted it from my computer and uploaded it to Google Drive. Click here for that.
However, the actual large download would be similar to this:

(This is the overall file size of the.mp4 file itself)


The file you are downloading is the Codec used to compress the video, the part of the file you linked to the.mp4 link is the actual video.
The file you are downloading is called Airwindows Codec Pack, it is a collection of different codecs used to compress video on Windows, it’s free and it’s made by Airwindows Software, a company that doesn’t exist anymore and that was the sponsor of the site they made the video for.
The video you linked (which I am actually using to answer this question) is a movie made by a Chinese company called Wulala Media and is specifically for Windows 7. The movie you are downloading are files from a file sharing site made by the same company, the same goes for the clip you are downloading with the.mp4 link, it is a video made by the same company and it is for the same version of Windows 7 as the video from the Chinese company.
The Chinese company is never going to upload a video for Windows 7, they don’t have the time to do that, they just have a video dedicated to Windows 7, most of the time they give away free copies of Windows 7 to let the end users make some money from the Windows 7 license key.
Now the video from the same Chinese company is also some kind of rip off, like the.mp4 link one and the clip, because it is supposed to be the “official” version of the same movie.
The difference between this “official” version and the clip is that the.mp4 link only has audio, the clip is supposed to have audio and an embedded video, but they don’t, it is just a video. The difference between the.mp4 link and the clip is that the.mp4 link is more popular.
The clip is very nice though, it shows a great view on the Windows 7 license key, even if it is


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