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principedepersialasarenasolvidadaspccrackScaling in green supersolid helium across atomic pressure scales.
We propose a novel approach to test the existence of novel states in helium that break the continuous translational symmetry, using a convenient atomic-scale pressure-switchable modification of the confining potential. We find that an incommensurate solid of 3He atoms spontaneously breaks the continuous translational symmetry in a “supersolid” state with solid order and long-range positional correlations. The critical pressure scales according to the measured interaction strength between 3He atoms, within an error, and transitions to the supersolid state and to the isotropic liquid state are controlled by tuning the confining potential. The scaling behavior makes the supersolid state accessible in a wide pressure range.Ian Maidment, chief executive of the Conservation Law Fund, warned: “Mountain lions are highly adaptable predators who hunt large and medium-sized prey during the day. Their range covers a vast area of western North America and they are associated with a wide variety of habitats.

“The next two years, with the projected loss of snow, will be extremely challenging for bears,” he said. “Their offspring, cubs, need to be able to find food and water sources on their own before they can survive to adulthood.

“We hope this initiative will lead to other regional initiatives in other snow-dependent areas of the country as a means of helping bears survive the changing climate.”

The five Colorado mountain lions have a large territory spanning about 2,300 square miles (5,900 sq km) of the San Juan Mountains. Their range includes the City and County of Denver, and stretches into the Wind River Range in Wyoming, near the Colorado-Wyoming border.

The cats share an area of up to 100 square miles with prey such as elk, deer,


Miu Miu

La Salamandra

Mujer Arrugada

La Cura


Camino de los Miradores


Divino (Príncipe de Persia: Las Arenas Olvidadas)



Kill the Power


Te Aprovecha


Song 1


La Musica de la Bomba

Préndale Cúal Era La Gente

Song 2

Con la Luna Encima

Ser Cuñeta

Bimbo/Bimbo Soberano

Aceptar Tu Consentimiento

Song 3

Tiempo de Pierna

Parece un General

Préndale Para Mi Gente/Yo Dispará

Song 4

Boom Boom

La Musica de la Bomba

Cobrado/Como Les Queremos

Mesaje de Matamos


La Musica de la Bomba


Préndale para mi gente

Song 5

Para Mi Gente / Vive La Pura Ener�a


Que Se Anuncie La Oficial

Song 6

El Cambio

La Musica de la Bomba

Aldo y Elektra

La Historia de Mañana

Préndale Para Mi Gente/Yo Dispará

Song 7


La Historia de Mañana


La Musica de la Bomba

La Musica de la Bomba


Song 8

La Puerta

Préndale Para Mi Gente/Yo Dispará

La Musica de la Bomba

La Musica de la Bomba

La ¡Juego es Sus Mujeres!



Préndale Para Mi Gente/Yo Dispará

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