Design Doll 4 Keygen [UPD] Software

Design Doll 4 Keygen [UPD] Software


Design Doll 4 Keygen Software

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Adding Multiple Id to controller in ASP.NET MVC

i have read this Q&A: ASP.NET MVC – how to add multiple rows to a table as action parameters?. but i want to post more than one Value to my Controller..
I have a Page with an Html.BeginForm where i can add multiple values to the Model:
new {
@class = “mainForm”,
@id = “commentForm”,
@attr = “langcode = eng-DE”
new { id = “submitId”, @class = “button” }

I then try to post the same model with [HttpPost] attribute like this:
[HttpPost] public ActionResult PostNews(IEnumerable comments)
//Remove old NewsComents
return View();

But the ModelState is Valid when i press the submit button.
What am i doing wrong?


new {

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