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JQuery Fullcalendar on page load – filter unwanted events

I have a Fullcalendar that loads events from a database.
The number of events can range between hundreds to thousands.
I now have users asking me to filter unwanted events.
So when they load the page they should only see events from the last 7 days for example.
The problem is I am looking for a way to filter the events without refreshing the page and since the events are already loaded the only option is to filter the events on the client side.
Does anyone know a way to solve this issue?


The first thing you should do is to purge any unwanted events from the calendar.
For the page load, you can add an event listener in Javascript:
$(“#calendar”).fullCalendar( ‘option’, ‘events.refetchEvents’,true);

This will give the calendar access to the external events source of your calendar again, then it can be used with the eventSources function. You could also move the events away from the calendar to a separate events source (with a limit for the events that are removed):
eventSources : [{
url : ”


Ufc Undisputed 3 Pc Rar Password Downloadgolkes
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