Fantasy Grounds – Pirate Adventurers (5E) Full Crack [Torrent] _HOT_

Fantasy Grounds – Pirate Adventurers (5E) Full Crack [Torrent] _HOT_


Fantasy Grounds – Pirate Adventurers (5E) Full Crack [Torrent]
The owner of Ravenloft Castle is gathering guests for dinner. And you are invited. Dungeon Masters who bought this module can use it to conduct an adventure with … ***
– Good evening,” Ravenloft smiled.
– Good evening, sir.
– I hope you had a good rest,” he said with a nod and continued, “What do you think of this dungeon?
– Impressive,” the dungeon master admitted.
– I am glad you like it. There are many fascinating parts of the castle, including some you have not yet explored.
– What are they?
– Oh! There are traps and treasure houses and secret rooms. All in all, everything is in the best tradition.
– And then there’s…
– Of course. All the dungeons,
that we haven’t had a chance to hit.
– So we have to go.
– Yeah, but I don’t know where.
– Down.
– Yeah, I don’t know where else,
It’s safer there.
– And if we don’t find it.
– Well, we’ll dig.
– And what will we be looking for?
– I once heard about
little green bushes
that are said to grow in…
in the dungeons.
– And we’ll find them.
– Of course we will.
– But they might kill us.
– No, they can’t. It’s like in…
the movies.
– What if…
– What if…
– Then…
– And then – only then! – If there is even the slightest suspicion that this is not so!
– I see.
– Then there’s no problem.
– All right. Now that we have a deal…
– Yes, it’s a deal.
– See you then, Comrade Captain.
– See you later, Comrade Captain.
The captain went out, I closed the door behind him. And remained seated, staring at the door. “Captain…” “Comrade Captain…” … And so – until now.
– Well, what – I asked my wife.
– What, what – she was surprised. – Nothing!
– And yet…
– What is it?
– I don’t see how you could be involved in this story at all.
– It makes me happy.
– Why are you angry?
– I’m not mad. I just don’t understand.
– I also don’t understand why you think this has anything to do with you.
– Because it is.
– You don’t believe it.
– I don’t.
– You shouldn’t have believed it!
– You shouldn’t have made me!
– Don’t start!
– I’m not starting. You can’t read my mind.
– I know. But that doesn’t make it any easier.
– You’re right, you’re right. Let’s talk about us.
– Don’t I talk about it all the time?
– I don’t always get it.
– You try it, I’ll tell you what you don’t understand.
– Go ahead.
– You see, I don’t love you. That’s all.
– It’s true, I understand it.
– But you don’t accept it.
– And you don’t accept my faults.
– No, I understand. I understand that you don’t love me so much.
– And it’s true.
– No, it’s not.
– Then what’s true
– That you don’t love me.
– I love you.
– You don’t.
If I don’t mean anything to you, then why are you trying to help me?
…But if I don’t mean anything to him, then why does he want to be my husband?
РI have a fianc̩, and he loves me.
– And I have a wife I love, and I love her too.
We can’t be without each other.
– And I can’t be without you either.
– Then why are you talking about not being able to live without me?
– I thought you didn’t love me, and I was afraid…
– Then don’t you dare say you can’t live without me!
– I can’t live without you!


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